Onsite massage

On-site chair massage is a treatment specifically designed for the workplace, as seated massage is applied in a specially designed chair that is portable and can be set up anywhere. The chair is adapted to suit each individual and will allow you to fully relax as it takes pressure off the postural muscles that work constantly when you are in the seated position at your desk, as well as the head and neck. our massage therapists will apply soothing acupressure techniques along the back, neck, arms, shoulder and head, to leave your staff feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, relieved of stress and psychical tension.

We tailor our massages to not only relax, but revitalise the individual, so I finish  finish each treatment with a number of light, bright, stimulating movements to boost staff with energy, and leave them feeling invigorated, refreshed and ready for anything. On-site chair massage is specifically designed to be a flexible mobile treatment, and an effective way to reduce the build-up of tension in the back, neck and shoulder regions, as well as to help relieve stress.

The benefits of on-site massage are numerous and it has been shown to: help reduce RSI, relax muscles, reduce tension, ease headaches and eyestrain, relieve aches and pains. More importantly, chair massage treatments have been shown to alleviate the symptoms of stress, so can offer a great relief from the busy workplace, or our busy lives day to day.

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