Learn to play the keyboard, the fast and easy way.

I am Chris and I have been a concert pianist and Church organist for 40 years. I have created a unique music course for all learners.  Almost all beginner piano courses teach you how to read music first and then get you to play from a score, but that’s backwards – after all, you didn’t learn to read before you could speak! Reading music is difficult, and if you try to learn how to play piano while learning how to read music at the same time you’ll end up doing both badly. Instead, there’s a body of research that shows that getting people to play first and then showing them how to read music is better (the approach is called “Sound before Sign”). This is the approach I use in this course.

So who would like to start playing the piano without the hours of frustration learning music theory? I was one of those people. That’s exactly what I do in this course. You will be amazed at what you are able to learn and play. This course walks you through playing simple songs, giving you a sense of accomplishment and encouragement to keep playing.


Beginners to Advanced

What you’ll learn

Have you ever wanted to play Piano, but didn’t think you have the time or didn’t want to waste YEARS of your life taking private lessons just to play a particular song? What you really need is a way to learn Piano at your own pace that will allow you to begin playing REAL songs that you love almost immediately.

In this course, you’ll learn the key ingredient to any modern song – chords. The real secret to piano is that ALL modern music is made from patterns called chord progressions that you can easily learn to identify. In fact, Most songs only utilize 2 to 5 simple chords and there are only a handful of patterns to choose from.

In this course I combine a thoughtful mixture of practical music theory and techniques – with ear training and relative pitch exercises in a fun, Progressive manner. You’ll learn to Take Any Chord Sheet and Use it on the spot, Learn fun Bass patterns and harmonic embellishments, Play in all popular Rhythm signatures, Identify Common Patterns in Everyday Music so you can play from memory, Figure out chords in unfamiliar keys using simple chord rules.

You will be able to sit down at any piano or Organ and play even classis and waltzes by ear.  You will be able to play the piece without any performance anxiety. Your sight reading will improve dramatically. You will understand how to deconstruct any piece of classical music to make it easier to play and memorize.

You will also be able to identify all the notes of the piano keyboard and be able to form/play melodies, scales and chords with them. Play the right and left hand parts of songs simultaneously. Play the most important scales and chords (basic and more advanced chords), and most common chord progressions in music. I will l take complete beginners to an intermediate level in a very short space of time. You get to sound like a pro right from the start. You will learn the absolute basic essential techniques that will allow you to play any song in any style – by ear

This course is all about playing songs by ear in 12 different keys so that you can play the songs in the key that is in the vocal range for people to sing. Whether you just want to learn in minutes how you can take a chord sheet and instantly play your favorite songs OR you want to learn the Secrets of musicians who can play by ear, this is the course for you.

A new way to learn music

This method of learning to play by ear, will also teach you a NEW way to learn classical piano – from the ‘inside out’. Instead of learning complicated sheet music one note at a time by memory, you will learn how to take a piece of classical music apart bar by bar, section by section, and understand how it was all put together: from the musical ‘form’ – distinct sections and subsections – to the underlying chord structure, visual clues, patterns and repeats. So not only do you learn how to play – the pieces but you UNDERSTAND what you are playing and this makes it SO much easier to memorise and perform. I use classical pieces like, Schumann’s Träumerei, Beethoven’s Minute in G, some Waltzes By Johann Strauss and other famous waltzes, modern country and western songs, such as country roads, Sweet Caroline and other easy listening pieces so that  you will enjoy playing confidently.

No more performance fear

This really helps if you feel nervous performing in front of others. If we rely solely on ‘muscle memory’ we can have a fear of ‘forgetting our lines’ but if we have a deep understanding of a piece from many different angles – chords, sections, patterns, repeats and memorable elements – then we go beyond muscle memory until it feels as if we have written the piece ourselves! And you will learn everything in a refreshingly NATURAL way – the way we all learn to speak or read as kids: we first LISTEN to others, then we imitate them and SPEAK what we hear – and ONLY then do we attempt to READ words or sentences that we can already say. And so it makes so much more sense. Similarly with this method by  ear you will learn to play the pieces by following, keyboard diagrams or ‘cheat sheets’, and then you will find it MUCH easier to follow the sheet music – because then it will all make perfect sense!

Who this course is for:

This Piano Course is meant for anyone who wants to dive in and learn how to play their favorite songs without having to learn to read sheet music. You need this course if you’ve seen the YouTube viral videos on 4 Chord Songs, but want to understand how you too can learn a few chords and then be able to jam with your musician friends. If you want to join a band but don’t know anything about Piano. Come and learn from me.

This course is probably not for you if you’re looking to learn about sheet music and more advanced music theories. I want to show you how to play songs you hear on the radio and your favorite albums. If you’ve taken boring piano lessons before but HATED it – this is not like that. This is engaging, interesting, and most importantly quick and easy! If you already can read sheet music or have memorized piano pieces, but would like to be able to play by ear and play a song quickly and easily, come and join me! Once you learn the secrets of chording, you’ll see it’s so very easy to pick up – that a great veil has been lifted and you can finally see

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