Deep tissue massage, and Sports massage

Deep tissue massage refers to a type of massage that involves the manipulation of the deeper structures of the connective tissues. It differs widely from the other types of massages such as Swedish massage  as its main duty is to penetrate through the superficial layers with specific techniques to target the deeper structures of the connective tissues such as muscle tissue, tendons and fascia which may be under tension or suffering from chronic tightness or adhesions (scar tissue) on the muscles which can lead to problematic functional movements.

Deep tissue massage requires specialized techniques with a great base of anatomical knowledge due to the complexity of the deeper structures of connective tissue. Deep massage is a type of massage that is suited for sportsmen and women,  athletes and individuals that are in the stages of rehabilitation from an injury or just anybody wanting a deeper massage that penetrates the superficial structures and concentrating on the deeper structures. There are many benefits to deep tissue massage, whether it’s to incorporate it into a fitness programmer to speed up the recovery time of sore muscles to enhance the effects of a workout or incorporating it into everyday life to maximize the functional movements.

For athletes and sportsman deep tissue massage has many benefits such as :- Increase blood flow, Improved recovery, Increase flexibility, Reduce delayed on set muscle soreness, Relaxation of the muscles, Increased healing, Maintain healthy muscles, Relieve pain, Increase range of movement, Maximize performance and Realignment of scar tissue.

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