Ayurveda  the knowledge of life sciences deals with  positive way or correct way of living  Unfortunately it is  seen as a system  of medicine at present and utillised  for   commercial benefits.  However it is important  to realise  that Ayurveda  is ‘Health  oriented’ but not Disease oriented’ like modern medicine.  Fortunately,  the  single herbs and compound formulation shall be used for combination of clinical conditions against  combination of formulations for  a single disease entity in Modern medicine.

Ayurveda sees every illness and every form of health as part of an interlocking whole, a man’s mental condition was seen as having both a physical and a social impact. The morally ill man was also the mentally ill man. From its very origins this science paid as much attention to the illness of the mind as to illness of the body. To calm the mind and reinforce its own balance, Ayurveda noted the ways in which aromatics, diet, even cosmetics could help sustain mental equilibrium.

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