As an Ayurvedic therapist and herbalist I treat muscular skeletal injuries. Doing so I use a range of deep manipulative massage strokes and sports massage techniques to attain moderate to deep pressure, targeting common sports injuries, back pain, sciatica and a range of muscular skeletal injuries.  Ayurvedic and sports massage isn’t just for sportsmen and women.

It can also benefit an individual suffering from tight muscles due to occupational stress and demands. I provide the highest level of service to clients, supporting them to overcomes injury and regain high level performance. Because I am trained in a range of treatments, you are sure to find a therapy that suits you, whether it is for pain relief or simply for relaxation.

My philosophy is that massage should be individual to every client, so you will always get a specific massage catered to your needs which will be determined by a detailed consultation at your first visit, which is re-evaluated over repeat treatments if these are needed.

I am fully insured for all treatments I offer. As a clinical personal trainer practitioner, Not only do I give the treatment that the client needs but I also give advice and exercises (if needed) to improve your health and lifestyle especially for dealing with obesity. I deliver a high quality and goal-driven service involving massage therapy, mobilization and exercise-based rehabilitation targeted to whatever goals you may have.

My approach is based on identifying and working with the root cause of a person’s illness and then applying both evidence-based and holistic approaches to address the issues. A holistic approach to health, in a one on one consultation, provides a comprehensive natural health and lifestyle assessment with a key focus on rebalancing the physical body, mind and emotional body.

From a personal perspective I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 11 years ago unable to move. But with the aid of  Ayurvedic  therapy  and being a herbalist I was able to  cure myself   and become  90% fit  being a able  to do all the good things I was doing even  running  on a regular  basis  for my exercise. Thus I have firsthand experience to share with you promoting the benefit of Ayurvedic therapy and herbal remedies to treat muscular skeletal problems. I am a motivated and an approachable professional therapist who will always work to meet your therapy goals to the highest quality.

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